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Visitors who sign up for the online Korean Pavilion website
From the Website opening until 10/31
(Date and Time of Draw : 2020/11/30)
$20 Google Play or App Store & iTunes gift card - Total 50 winners
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1 What was the purpose of your visit to the Seafood On-line Expo?
2 How did you get to know the online fishery expo?
3 Are you satisfied with the overall design and usability of the Seafood On-line Expo website?
4 Are you satisfied with the products of the companies participating in the Seafood On-line Expo?
5 Are you satisfied with the variety of products displayed at the Seafood On-line Expo?
6 Did you gain the desired results through the Seafood On-line Expo?
7 Are you willing to participate in the Korean Seafood On-line Expo in the future?
8 Compared to other online expo, how is your overall evaluation on this Korean Seafood On-line Expo?
9 Please tell us if you have any suggestions or improvements for this online expo?

Thank you very much for sharing your precious time.