Frozen·Refrigerated Seafood

Hallim Fisheries Cooperative

  • Company
    Hallim Fisheries Cooperative
    Jo Taehyeok
  • TEL / FAX
    +82 64-795-0313 / +82 64-795-0319
    E-mail / Mobile Number / +82 --
  • Address
    [63032] 141-4 Hallimhaean-ro Hallim-eup Jeju-si Jeju-do

Company History

1962.04.01 Founded the Hallim Fishing Industry Cooperative
 1977.04.01 Changed the name to Hallim Fisheries Cooperative  2001.11.03 Completed the Fisheries Products General Processing Facilities
 2006.09.18 Completed the 2nd Consignment Sales Market  2009.11.30 Completed the Fisheries Products Processing Storage Facilities
 2012.03.31 Completed the Fisheries Products Storage Processing Facilities
 2015.04.14 Completed the Fisheries Products Processing & Marketing Center(FPC)

Major Categories of Products Handled

Refrigerated(Frozen) fisheries products, processed fisheries products

Representative Product Line

Mackerel, cutlassfish, yellow corvina, halibut, and etc.


Current Exporting Countries
The United States, Canada, Taiwan, China
Desired Exporting Countries
Europe, Australia, and etc.