Processed Seafood

EBADA Fishery Co., Ltd.

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    EBADA Fishery Co., Ltd.
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    +82 51-255-2301 / +82 51-255-7302
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    [49277] Wonyang-ro 1, B-dong 201,202 (Amnam-dong, Fisheries Processing Evolving Complex) in Seo-gu, Busan, Korea

Company History

Established in 2007, EBADA Fishery Co., Ltd. started out as a seafood distribution company, and by supplying safe and fresh marine products through off-line system, it has gained customer satisfaction and trust. Moreover, in line with customer needs, we do not settle for distribution only. In order to provide simple and healthy home meals (HMR) products, a manufacturing plant was established and operated to quickly meet customer needs and lead the dietary trend. We promise to be a company that does not settle for reality, but strives to propose new values by presenting differentiated taste and high-quality products through continuous development and innovation.

Major Categories of Products Handled

Processed Fisheries

Representative Product Line

Grilled Fish, Fried food


Current Exporting Countries
USA, Canada, Hong Kong
Desired Exporting Countries
Southeast Asia