Processed Seafood

Bukha Teugpum Saeobdan Co., Ltd.

  • Company
    Bukha Teugpum Saeobdan Co., Ltd.
    Jung Byung jun
  • TEL / FAX
    +82 61-392-6331 / +82 504-329-1998
    E-mail / Mobile Number / +82 10-9048-2160
  • Address
    [57207] 1108, Damjang-ro, Bukha-myeon, Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Company History

1990 Bukha Premium Goods Agency was organized by the One Tumbon One Product (OTOP) policy as part of Saemaeul Movement
1998  Jang (fermented soybeans), pickled vegetables, and Kimchi were manufactured and directly supplied to each expressway service area according to diversified items.
2002 Was in Seoul Nonghyup and Changdong Hanaro Club for a fixed term and received a citation from Jangseong Governor.
2005   Began export to the Americas by securing the export network.
2006   Entered into an agreement for requesting self-checking to the Institute of Sunchang Fermented Soybean Products with it.
2008  Incorporation of going business and CEO Jeong, Byeongjun (100% of the number of employees in the first agency was kept and new persons were employed.). Entered into

        an agreement for cultivating, processing, and selling eco-friendly agricultural products with Evergreen Jukhyang Farm.
2010 Built a new second factory by pushing ahead with a side dish business in the village, completed standardized workings in it, and registered the distribution standard code.
       Former CEO Oh, Myeongae and Present CEO Jeong and Byeongjun received citations from Jeollanam-do Governor.
2011 Diversified products, released new products of seasoned vegetables, and dried vegetables and radish leaves in Building 3 of a vinyl house in Yasu-ri, Bukha-myeon.
2012 Released prototypes of seasoned vegetables and began transit trade in the Americas.
2013  Export trade was revitalized.
2014 Made a fixed term contract with KORAIL Retail Co., Ltd.
2015 Pass the actual inspection of Nongnyup KACM and received a citation from the minister of  Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, CEO Jeong and Byeongjun of Bukha Premium Goods  

       Agency won a grand prize of the Jeollanam-do Farmer Awards.
       Certification of the agricultural convergence business operator (Certification of the 6th industry)
2016 Bukha Premium Goods Tourism Farm Co., Ltd. was established (The new company was established because the corporation could not be changed to the agricultural corporation.)
       Registered two trademark rights (Bukha Premium Goods Agency and Bukha Premium Goods Tourism Farm)
       Re-obtained quality certification of Jeollanam-do Governor and Bukha Premium Goods Tourism Farm was newly established.
2017 Obtained certification of traditional food and registered an additional patent (Manufacturing mathod of stir-fried red pepper paste dried yellow corvina) and Hi-Seoul Awards and  

       received a citation from Jeollanam-do Governor.
       Always supplies products to local Nonghyup marts including Mokpo Branch, Nakak Branch, etc. by entering into a direct supply agreement with Nonghyup Hanaro Mart.
2018 Was ISO 22000 certified and received a citation form the director of the Kwangju Chonnam Regional Small & Medium Business Administration.
2019 Was FSSC 22000 and ITQI One Star certified and received a citation form the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office.
       (Participated in Jeollanam-do Delegation one time and overseas fairs (Japan, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Qingdao, China) four times.
2020 CEO Jang, Byeongjun was selected as a master of Korean intangible cultural heritages.

Major Categories of Products Handled

Fermented soybean products, pickles, and salted foods

Representative Product Line

Fermented soybean products, pickles, and salted foods


Current Exporting Countries
U.S. and Australia
Desired Exporting Countries
U.S., Australia, Europe, etc.