Sewha Seafood Co., Ltd.

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    Sewha Seafood Co., Ltd.
    Seon Min, Bae
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    +82 51-527-3871 / +82 51-527-3874
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    [46260] 31, Hoecheon-ro 26beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, Korea

Company History

Starting with Sehwa Fisheries in 1976, our company installed the first seasoned processed seaweed equipment in Korea in 1980 to contribute to the development of the fishery industry in Korea and the promotion of seafood exports in Busan. 

As a company that made the cornerstone of today's seasoned laver processing field in Korea, our company has exported mainly frozen seafood to Japan and the United States. 

In particular, we installed a professional seaweed manufacturing plant in 2006 and converted into a laver-specialized manufacturer to process various styles of laver, such as sushi laver and snack laver. By achieving $10 million in exports in 2019 and obtaining HACCUP, USDA and FSSC22000 certification, our comapny was recognized as a leading company in Busan at the end of 2019. As such, we continue to leap and grow. 

Our goal is to become a global company that focuses on safe seafood products with the vision of always researching and developing new food products.

Major Categories of Products Handled

Roasted Seaweed, Seasoned Seaweed

Representative Product Line

Roasted Seaweed, Seasoned Seaweed


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Current Exporting Countries
Japan, USA, Europe, etc.
Desired Exporting Countries