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    [51602] 60, Gaju-ro, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea

Company History

DONG-OH FOOD has been dedicated to specializing in the processing and export of fishery products since its founding in 1970. Our main customers are Japan, the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and all products are highly evaluated for their excellent quality and competitive prices. This is impossible without DONG-OH FOOD's quality control capabilities and know-how accumulated over 30 years. In addition, compared to other seaweed processing companies, we are continuously developing new products and achieving more than 5 million dollars in exports at home and abroad. We are working on secondary processing such as seasoning processing using seaweed and extract processing in the first drying processing, and we are already exporting Chinese salad using seaweed stems to the US and Europe. Moreover, we have passed the US FDA's factory due diligence with excellent results, proving the excellence of our company's internal management. These R&D and technology levels are recognized in Korea. Besides, because of our deep interest in quality and environment, we are doing our best to produce better products by acquiring BRC, ISO900, and HACCP. DONG-OH FOOD shows that the food industry in the future has infinite potential for the development of the health-related product market. In particular, seaweed (seaweed, kelp, laver, green laver) is expected to draw a rapid growth curve due to its high recognition as a health food and its excellent actual effect.  In line with these expectations, DONG-OH FOODS will also continue to research and develop to become a company that moves out into the world with cheaper and higher-quality seaweed processing.

Major Categories of Products Handled

Seaweed (salted, dried), Refrigerated (frozen) fisheries, Processed fisheries

Representative Product Line

All Seaweed, Frozen seaweed salad


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Current Exporting Countries
Japan, USA, Europe
Desired Exporting Countries
Japan, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America