Frozen·Refrigerated Seafood

Seohae Kijogae Fisheries Union Corporation

  • Company
    Seohae Kijogae Fisheries Union Corporation
    Hong - Gwangpio
  • TEL / FAX
    +82 41-641-6446 / +82 41-641-6447
    E-mail / Mobile Number / +82 --
  • Address
    [33401] 572, Hahak-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungnam, Korea

Company History

August 2009

· Established Seohaekijogae Fisheries Union Corporation

July 2011 

· Selected as a participant of "Research on processing technology development for high value-added commercialization of Comb pen shell" by Korea Food Research Institute

December 2012

· Construction of Aquatic Products Manufacturing Facility

· Production of Comb Pen Shell prestige scallop

March 2013

· HACCP certification (Korea Food and Drug Administration)

April 2013

· Registered production and processing facility for marine products (National Fishery Products Quality Management Service)

July 2013

· Boryeong City approved for the use of common trademarks

May 2017

· Social enterprise certification

February 2019

· FDA factory registration

Major Categories of Products Handled

Other Processed Seafood Products

Representative Product Line

Slice Pen Shell Scallop


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Current Exporting Countries
USA (Western Part), Hong Kong, Taiwan
Desired Exporting Countries
Japan, USA (Eastern Part), China, etc.