Garimi Co., Ltd

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    Garimi Co., Ltd
    Jae hyeong Shim
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    +82 31-581-1118 / +82 31-581-7118
    E-mail / Mobile Number / +82 --
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    [] 131, Daeyangsandan-ro 125beon-gil, Mokpo-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea

Company History

Garimi CO., a company specializing in sushinori manufacturing, We are operating 2 raw material seaweed factories, and 2 processed seaweed factory.

Currently exporting to over 30 companies from 22 countries including those in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America and Oceania. 

Unlike other companies that only process seaweed, we perform all stages of the seaweed production process in our own hygienic facilities from raw seaweed to production of dried seaweed - storing - processing - exporting.

This is our unique competitive edge and we can proudly say that we have an advantage over any other manufacturer in the world in terms of price and quality.

Major Categories of Products Handled

Laver / Marine plants

Representative Product Line

Roasted seaweed(Sushi Nori)


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Current Exporting Countries
Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, USA, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, etc.
Desired Exporting Countries